CGE Mods - Azimuth adjustment fitting
The azimuth adjustment fitting on the CGE is very simple but not executed well. It is basically a cylindrical part with an offset pin on the bottom and a hex-screw on top. Turning the hex-screw moves the offset pin which moves the mount. Easy. Unfortunately, Celestron's love of Lock-Tite raised its ugly head again. Instead of using a set-screw to hold the hex-screw in place... you guessed it, Lock-Tite.

Fixing this was simple. Remove the hex-screw, clean off the Lock-Tite and then replace it. Then drill a hole into the whole thing that extends beyond the threads of the hex-screw. Then remove the screw again and tap the hole for a 6-32 setscrew. Wind the hex-screw back in and thread in and tighten the setscrew. Done and it will never come loose.

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