New Guidescope Screws
My guidescope rings and accessory dovetail bar came from Ken's Rings in Louisiana and I've been very happy with them, except for the screws. Ken uses 1/4-20 nylon thumbscrews which are both hard to turn and they flex. As imagers are always chasing down flexure issues I thought it was time to replace them.

The local fastener store had nothing that I really wanted to use to hold and adjust the scope in the rings but they had some nice stainless steel 1/4-20 thumbscrews that I bought to hold the rings to the accessory bar. For the rings I ordered six 3/8-24 nylon-tipped screws from ADM. These are anodized aluminum (stainless would be better), very pretty and easy to use. They are threaded 3/8-24 but the drill press and a tap made short work of the new holes.

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