CGE Side-by-side fixture/adapter

Deciding that a side-by-side mounting was in order I once again went a-begging to my friend Dave and, as always, he offered up his shop and expertise. With an idea in mind I purchased a 12" x 6" piece of 3/8" aluminum plate and a 6" x 6" piece of 1/2" aluminum plate and hied me off to Dave's garage for the build. He fabricated a spring-loaded Losmandy dovetail adapter and a Ken's Rings style guidescope bar out of scrap aluminum. Next a new Losmandy dovetail and spacer plate were fabricated on the mill out of the 1/2" stock; the spacer to allow clearance for the mount's declination clutch knobs. The spacer was hollowed out to cut weight and then these were screwed together using 10-24 hex screws. Once all of the bits and pieces were finished the 3/8" plate was drilled and counter-sunk for the top parts and twelve holes were drilled in two rows of six to allow the dovetail/spacer to be screwed to the bottom with some adjustment for balance. Then the plate was measured for 'cutouts' to lower the weight. A full cutout was put in the plate near the guidescope rail and a 1/4" deep cutout placed between the lines of screw holes. All of the measuring, cutting and drilling done, everything was screwed together and is ready to use.

Now my imaging scopes will clamp into the Losmandy dovetail holder at one end and my guidescope rings will clamp onto the rail at the other. The Losmandy DSBS unit weighs 7.25lb with an ADM adapter for the CGE another couple; this piece tips the scales at about 4.6lb; not that the CGE would care much.

Here is the fixture alone and with my C8 and NH2 mounted

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