Ozzzy's Cosmic Time Machine part two

The CGE loaded for bear as I use it now

If you read about my C8/HEQ5 you'll know I spent a lot of time and effort in turning a vanilla HEQ5 into an imaging mount. Well, when the Canadian dollar soared above the US dollar in 2007 I decided it was time to get something with a bit more 'smarts' and capacity. I opted on a Celestron CGE after much mulling over the Losmandy G11, the CGE and the Vixen Sphinx SXD. My requirements were much the same as those that drove me to the HEQ5 with transportability being paramount. As the mount would be purely for imaging I also purchased an SBIG ST4 autoguider with it.

The telescopes

The mount will usually hold one of two telescopes. Either can be used for imaging or guiding depending on the field of view that I need.
The mount

The CGE is a classic German equatorial. Without waxing too poetic it's very good. My reason for buying this instead of the G11 were:
Some modifications and projects

No mount is perfect and the CGE is no exception. But for $3000USD it holds it's own with any other mount in the same price range and payload capacity. Unfortunately, there are some places where Celestron cut corners and I seem to have found them. Here is a list of things I've built to fix the problems or just to work with the CGE.