A shelf for my ST-4 auto-guider

My CGE came with a Starizona accessory tray but the control unit for my ST-4 took up a lot of that real estate and wasn't really 'handy'. So, taking a lesson from Teddy Roosevelt who said 'do what you can with what you have where you are' (or something like that) I looked around.

What I found was a pile of bits and pieces of 3/4" plastic pipe along with some elbows and T's and a can of glue. After a few abortive efforts I came up with this...


It may not be pretty, but damn it works well. It just slips into two of the 1.25" eyepiece holes (there are several left to use for eyepieces) and the control box sits quite solidly and at a nice angle for reading from my camp chair.

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